Hamel Interests and Private Equity, LLC
4634 Fairfield Ave. Shreveport, La. 71106
318.868.4921 office


Asset Management

Hamel Interests and Private Equity, LLC seeks full or majority interest in real estate and small to medium-sized enterprises and will provide asset management service to all assets. Value is created on many fronts, while being sensitive to day-to-day management operations. These services include:

  • Resolving operational inefficiencies, Instituting performance benchmarks, Improving cost controls
  • Financial and physical oversight of any significant capital improvement projects
  • Preparation and administration of all property level tax returns
  • Property tax servicing and management
  • Preparation and review of all operating and capital budgets
  • Insurance placement and administration of any claims
  • Negotiation of all major service contracts including utility, waste, communications, etc.
  • Equity capital reserves for the purpose of operational efficiencies: strategic acquisitions and/or technological efficiencies
  • Execution of all digital marketing and web enabled services will occur in-house to ensure superior online reach,reporting, tracking, PR and branding objectives.

Value Creation Timeline